What I’m Reading/Playing May 17 Edition

Ok, it’s been ages since my last post! I’ve been so rubbish at everything lately that there’s been no point in posting anything since I haven’t really read much! 😓 But anyway, here goes!


32273165Future Quest, Vol. 1 by Jeff Parker, Evan Shaner, Steve Rude, Ron Randall, Craig Rousseau.

I LOVED the Hanna-Barbera cartoons growing up, especially Johnny Quest and with Doc Shaner on art (a favorite of mine), I was excited to pick this up! I enjoyed this book a lot, but it’s a bit overwhelming, especially if you haven’t been familiar with these characters for uhm, 15 years now? There’s also so many characters in it, I found it a very dense first volume. I wasn’t expecting another artist either and that was a bit of a letdown, but oh well. It wasn’t as excellent as the Flash Gordon run with (nearly) the same team (minus colorist extraordinaire, Jordie Bellaire) and I doubt I’ll pick up the second volume.

118944American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

Finally got around to reading this seminal work and I really enjoyed it. It exemplifies what comics do best and that’s to make you experience someone else’s narrative and empathize with another’s point of view. Quick read, highly recommend it, especially for younger readers.

(Still reading, haven’t finished)

31415835The Ghost in the Shell, deluxe edition by Masamune Shirow

I’m slowly making my way through this and finding it quite a different experience than I expected. It’s a lot funnier than I though it’d be, having only ever seen the animated movie which isn’t all that funny. I especially love the worker robots, they’re hilarious. Really enjoying it, even if I do roll my eyes from time to time at some sexist crap. It’s also extremely beautiful.


Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy, edited by Josef Steiff and Tristan D. Tamplin

This is a super interesting collection of essays exploring the philosophical and social themes of the 2004 series (plus the mini series and movies and games). Having never read philosophy before, I’m a bit obsessed with this book, but making myself read it thoughtfully. I’m about 1/2 through it now and especially loved the essays on The Avatar and the Ego: Reconciling ourselves with video games;  Some cylons are more equal than others (about the constructed cylon social structure);  They evolved, but do they deserve consideration (about assigning moral status) and  The Razor’s Edge, Galactica, Pegassus and Lakoff (about Com. Adama and Adm. Cain as parental figures). It’s gotten me excited about reading more philosophy books!


I got a new laptop (finally!) and am able to play some newer games! Well, ok, it’s a pretty sweet spec and I could play ALL the games, but I try not to think about that on account of my wallet and limited time.

Image result for mass effect 1

Mass Effect 1 & 2

Only just got into ME and really just blew through the first one so fast. And then immediately got the second one, which I still need to finish. I love it a lot and my female Cmd. Shepard kicks ass. I like the dialogue and romance options and, although it can be cumbersome, I like the combat too! Wasn’t a fan of the Mako combat in the first one which was kind of a drag.

Image result for the talos principle

The Talos Principle

Excellent puzzle game that exceeded my expectations. It has a wonderful story line woven through it that completely engrossed me. I found myself playing it so much just to see how it ended. Would definitely replay it to see the other endings, just as soon as I forget how to solve the puzzles.

Image result for trails 3rd

Legend of Heroes games, replaying the First Chapter and also playing the recently released 3rd Chapter.

Listen, it’s no secret I love these games, they’re my heart and happy place. I love all the characters and it’s so rewarding to see them grow across three games. I don’t think I’ll ever stop replaying them just for the fun of the gameplay and dialogue. The 3rd one is a bit weird though, feels more like a welcome addition rather than an actual mandatory game in the trilogy story line. I mean, it’s nice and all, you get the same characters, you have all these bonus memories of them doing stuff outside of the story line, but I feel it’s just not along the same lines as the other two. Also, so much grinding in this one. The other two have lots of side quests for EXP, mira (money) and sepith (natural gems) so you’re never really wanting for any of it. The structure of the 3rd one does have side-quests, but they’re bonus character memories with mira and an item at the end of it, but no EXP or sepith, which you end up having to grind.

Right, anyway, I’m done rambling. I promise to read more. And draw more. And maybe sleep.

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