What I’m Reading/Playing June 17 Edition

Hi all! I went on a short break to Brussels at the start of June and it was pretty great! Got to root around in like 5 comics shops and picked up some BD so let’s see what I got to reading this month!


More Papyrus by Lucien de Gieter

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I really have a soft spot for this series and was glad to pick up a few more volumes. It’s light-hearted and just FUN to read! I have to mention though that the Imhotep one was VERY confusing. There are like 3 Imhoteps in it and it’s hard to keep track of which one characters are talking about. But, as usual, the artwork is just gorgeous and colored beautifully. The Ramses’ Revenge in particular has some stunning work involving a sand storm. Just lovely stuff!

Yoko Tsuno by Roger Leloup

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This one came recommended to me by a friend and it looked interesting, plus female protagonist! Who is an engineer! And Chinese-Japanese! It’s quite a lot of fun, but the plots are at times convoluted I thought. Didn’t really click with me as much as Papyrus did, but I do want to read more of the series (which is still going since 1970!). And the inking in this is just so, so lovely, I’d pick it up based solely on that!

More Assassination Classroom!

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I have no idea how I fell behind on this, it being my favorite series at the moment! Lots of stuff to do and I lost track of when the english volumes were coming out! Anyway, LOTS of good stuff in the last two volumes. We got a twist regarding one character and then we FINALLY learn Koro Sensei’s back story! Literally so much excitement going on! And now the classroom faces a choice and ARGH I cannot wait for the next volume! ♥

Josephine Baker by Catel and Bocquet


Ok y’all, this one is a MUST BUY. Seriously. Nearly 500 pages of lovely black and white work by Catel documenting the amazing life of Josephine Baker. If you don’t know her name, do look her up. She was a fantastic woman, dancer, singer, actress, civil rights activist, who lived with immense passion and courage. You need this book, it was made with love and it’s a joy to read!


I’ve been rubbish at finishing games lately. Still need to beat the final boss in Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky 3rd and finish some of these other games too!

Never Alone

This game has been on my wish list for AGES and I finally picked it up in the Steam summer sale. It is lovely. Plus educational! The artwork is beautiful and you unlock video insights into the culture of the native Alaskan Inupiat people as you play. I was super impressed with this game and pretty much played it in two sittings. And you have a fox companion! It’s just a really nice game. Need to finish the DLC for it at some point!


Heard great things about this adventure game and the artwork just drew me in so I picked it up in the sale. It is….not for the scardy-cats like me haha. I won’t say much about it other than be prepared for things to be MESSED UP. It has a Stranger Things vibe to it even if it’s set in current day. Definitely an interesting game, the radio mechanic is super cool and you get to know the characters quite well throughout the game. Top notch voice acting. I got near the end of the game in one sitting but I need to find a time of day to actually finish it! It is pretty scary (for me) haha.

Her Story

I was waiting to pick this up as well because everyone I heard talking about it said it’s excellent. And after 3 solid hours of being glued to my laptop, I agree! I have a few things to finish up but I’m very close to the end. It’s been really great unraveling just what the heck happened and I’d really recommend it. Quite a unique game, relying on short video recordings of police interviews to tell its story that you have to pick up clues from and search in an old database for the rest of the clips and the rest of the story. The actress playing her is phenomenal, she really brings the role to life. Just excellent all around.

Final Fantasy XIII

I was hungry for a pretty game to take full advantage of my new gaming laptop and FFXIII was it. Heard mixed reviews for it and it wasn’t on the top of my to-play list but really, I was just in the mood for something nice and light and pretty. The fight mechanics are more cinematic in this one, as they’re moving away from turn-based to more action oriented. It’s fun, even if I mostly look at the ATB gauge instead of the actual fight scenes. You only control the leader of the group while the other two are on autoplay. The level up mechanic is similar to FFX but so far I see less options. And the story is pretty melodramatic so far, with a TON of cutscenes, albeit visually pretty ones. It’s just fine. It’s fun and pretty and not massively addictive. Good game for just decompressing after a day’s work.

Ok that was a pretty solid month for reading/gaming!

In other news, did you miss this cover I did for the wonderfully funny webcomic Ship Wrecked? Colors by the very awesome Dearbhla Kelly, the first print volume of the webcomic written by Aaron Fever with art by Triona Farrell and letters by Zakk Samm is out this weekend at Small Press Day. Go pick it up if you can!

Until next time!

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