Hiya! What follows is a list of links and (in the near future) books that I’ve found helpful in my quest to create comics. I hope it helps you as well. I’ll constantly add to this so if you find a great resource that’s not here, give me a shout on Twitter and I’ll add it in! EDIT: New links are added at the end of each section.

Drawing comics

Creative Comic Art Basics

Moebius’ 18 Tips

Alex Toth’s Rules (and also the entire website, but take some of the “rules” with a grain of salt)

Larry Hama’s 10 Rules For Drawing a Comic Book Page

Klaus Janson’s Tips for Mastering Comic Book Art

(The above PDFs were saved from websites that no longer exist. A good habit to get into!)

Tips From Jesse Hamm

PJ Holden’s Blog

Strip Panel Naked (while not specifically about drawing comics, Hass looks at what works on a page and has a very good eye for it. Highly recommended!)

Brandon Graham’s website (Brandon does the Comics Lovers pages for Image+ and talks/writes about sequential storytelling techniques in different kinds of comics)


Writing comics

Comic Writer Services

Jim Zub’s website

Kieron Gillen’s Comic Writer Masterpost

The 7 DOs and DON’Ts of Writing Comics by Ron Marz

Notes on Story Structure by Rob Williams

Write Comic Books: Learning Craft by Writing Annotations


Lettering comics

13 Things You Didn’t Know About Comic-Book Lettering by Nate Piekos

Jim Campbell’s Blog

Comic Layout Tutorials by Chris Oatley: Lettering Spell and Balloons&Clarity

Blambot’s entire website


General comics creation

Making Comics

Jessica Abel’s website


General drawing



Face Shapes

Drawing Crowd Scenes

Develop your Compositional Skills

The Schweizer Guide to Spotting Tangents

6 Tips to Get Better at Drawing

Dividing Space in Perspective

Draw a Head from Different Angles

Thomas Romain’s tips for keeping things in perspective

Speaking of perspective, this seminar series from Marshall Vandruff while not free, is cheap and helped me understand perspective a lot!

Thomas Romain’s tips for Drawing Backgrounds

10 Typical Perspective Errors

The Animator’s Flour Sack

Jake Wyatt’s Tips on Approaching Composition & Perspective


General writing

TVTropes (this entire website is GREAT for writing/research)

Character Development

Joss Whedon’s Top 10 Writing Tips

The Universal Shapes of Stories According to Kurt Vonnegut

Tips for Creating Memorable Characters

21 Plot shapes (this can get really complicated, but don’t despair!)

7 Ways to Make a Good Story Great

Plot Structures: Linear, Non-Linear, and Parallel

Analyzing a story’s plot: Freytag’s Pyramid

Save the Cat – Why Your Hero is Your Hero (great website!)

What If: The Two Most Powerful Words (also a great website)

The Act Three Crises: Want or Need

Some quick notes on story structure

The 22 rules of storytelling, according to Pixar

Writing with Color

Hero’s Journey

What I’ve learned after 5 years and 20 books: 25 lessons


Now get to work! 🙂