Process: Ship Wrecked cover

Hey all! Thought I’d walk you through my process for the Ship Wrecked vol.1 cover that was released a few days ago.

  1. Know your subject and brainstorm ideas!

First thing I wanted to do was read through all of the Ship Wrecked webcomic and get a feel for the material. I had read a bit, but shamefully, not all of it! I sketched out a few ideas as I read and then set aside an evening to work out cover options. These are my notes, click the images for higher res šŸ™‚







I felt really strongly about #1 being the most eye catching and exciting one and thankfully Aaron felt the same! šŸ™‚

2. Just draw it!

I never scan my pencils so this in an in-between shot. I really wanted to add a bunch of easter eggs from the volume 1 run so I scoured the webcomic pages and picked out a few!

3. Scanned inks!

4. Photoshop magic!

Adjusted the levels to make it darker and fixed the curves of the ship which I inked a bit wobbly. Then I wanted to clear off the bottom of the page to make way for the speed lines so I rearranged a few things (ah, the magic of Photoshop!). Added some stars and drew in the speed lines on my Intuos.

5. Colors by Dearbhla Kelly to make it all better!

Dearbhla worked her magic and really brought it to a new level! ā™„ Magic I tell you!Be sure to pick up a print copy at Small Press DayĀ (Saturday July 8th in Dublin) or any events that Aaron is at!

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