C4C 2016 Submission

Hey all! Thought it might be cool to show you my submission for the Creators For Creators grant last year.

I learned A TON while putting the pitch together and while I didn’t win the grant, I’m very happy with the progress I made in my work and super grateful for the kick in the butt!

This is a project I’ve been developing for a while now (code name: RoN) and shocker, it’s a pulp one! I won’t have time to develop it further, at least this year, and by the time I do get around to it, I’ll probably want to change everything. So here you go, the first 6 pages of the story (as it stands now).

Let me know what you think over on Twitter!

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The Clockmaker’s Granddaughter

I’m excited to announce the graphic novel I’ve been working on with Hugo Boylan, and lettered by the excellent Kerrie Smith, called “The Clockmaker’s Granddaughter“, coming next fall!

Until then, enjoy a 10 page preview and follow our Twitter accounts (@julienickart @hugoboylan) for snippets as we keep working away at it.

Was it all true?

Ever since she was a young girl Reegan’s Grandfather taught her everything he knew about clocks. At least that’s what she thought until one fatal night.

Now she has to uncover the mysteries of the worlds within the minutes and find her way back home, or be stranded forever in time.

Hope you like it!

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Julie Nick Projects 2015 Collection

Julie Nick Collection

I’ll be at Thought Bubble Festival this weekend! You can find me at Table 85 in the TB Marquee, courtesy of my awesome collaborators Hugo Boylan and Kerrie Smith, at their Superhero Helpdesk table!


I’ll be selling a collection of projects I’ve worked on this year which includes:

  • My Poe adaptation, Silence
  • The Black&White version of Tug of War with Kerrie Smith
  • AND a preview of a brand new project, a graphic novel I’m working on with Hugo Boylan called The Clockmaker’s Granddaughter!


52 pages for only £ 5 ! First 20 copies include a free sketch!

If you’re going, come say hi at table 85 in the TB Marquee!

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Girls Like You Anthology

Excited to announce that I am part of the “Girls Like You” collection written and lettered by Kerrie Smith, launching at Thought Bubble Festival in a few weeks!


The story I worked on, called “Tug-of-War”, is about the eternal struggle of women being told what to do. Being pulled this way and that by the violently differing views of how they should look, act, and generally be, how long before they just unravel?

Stefanie Reville is on colours and she did a fantastic job, trust me!

The collection looks amazing, with lots of different artists and thought-provoking stories. Do pick it up if you’ll be at Thought Bubble, we’re at Table 85 in the TB Marquee!

Hope to see you there!

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DICE 2014 Portfolio

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